Research Disciplines

To best integrate research in auditory cognition and VR, it is required that aspects from the three scientific disciplines of acoustics, cognitive psychology, and virtual reality/computer science are addressed. The cooperation between researchers from these fields will allow synergetic effects which cannot be achieved by a single discipline. Hence, by linking the three disciplines, the priority program "Auditory cognition in interactive virtual environments - AUDICTIVE" will significantly extend the knowledge of hearing-related cognitive performances in real-life scenes and to enable creating "auditory-cognition-validated" VR technology. AUDICTIVE targets fundamental research across the three disciplines and addressing the three research priorities (a) "auditory cognition," (b) "interactive audiovisual virtual environments," and (c) "quality evaluation methods," the latter being located at the interface between (a) and (b).

AUDICTIVE brings together researchers from different disciplines – acoustics (perception and rendering), cognitive psychology, and computer science (virtual reality, VR) - by encouraging joint research efforts to enhance our understanding of and competence in the field of auditory cognition in interactive virtual environments, as a proxy to the real world. Currently, these research efforts have been performed mostly separated within single scientific research communities. This prevents the cognitive psychology and acoustics communities to fully exploit the huge potential of VR for testing and extending their existing theories within the more realistic, rich, and interactive virtual environments that can be created with the current state-of-the art in VR technology.

At the same time, VR research can benefit from knowledge of auditory perception and cognition to understand the important quality criteria that need to be met to optimize user perception and cognitive performance as well as subjective experience and (social) presence within a virtual environment. Due to the added-value of the collaboration and research methods from the three disciplines, it is expected that hearing, auditory cognition as well as VR research can be raised to significantly higher levels.

For further questions regarding the disciplines and research priorities, please contact the Program Coordinator:

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Janina Fels